“…with music so vibrant that it gasps for air, desperate to leave this world without leaving a single crucial note unplayed.” –

“Dust is a painstakingly thoughtful record, executed to perfection..” –

“…if you turn up the volume you will find much beauty just below the surface.” –

“Captivating.” –

“…a sense of experiences and narratives unfolded at a remote distance.” –

[dust RTCNZ03]

Rotor plus proves to be one of the most interesting acts to emerge for some time, and this first album is absolutely unforgettable. -the milk factory [aileron RTCNZ001]

The disc is so difficult to wrap one’s mind around that a worthy process of transliteration is almost entirely beyond the modern English lexicon. omprised of only three tracks, each nearly 20 minutes in length, Rotor+ indulge their listeners (though most notably themselves) in the overwhelming multitude–and magnitude–of sounds one would hear through a stethoscope pressed against the hull of a Boeing 747 at 35,000 feet.-directions in music [aileron RTCNZ001]

The predominant sound source for the album was an hour long piano improvisation recorded at Aucklands Helen Young studios. This was then chopped into sections, re- ordered, mixed with field recordings- a length of iron pipe being rolled on rough concrete, the crunches of trodden dry sticks on the forest floor, distant whooshes like traffic on a faraway motorway – and the occasional flurry of unexpected beats, then rolled around inside various equalisers and effects machines gaining sonic residue. Result? Three long tracks that colour the room a gentle melancholy blue like evening twilight through stained glass: music so faint it’s almost an aroma rather than a collection of sound fragments.-the sunday star times [map key window RTCNZ002]